Jenkins Gite Architectural & Garden Design: Brittany, France, 2000

To watch the video for this project……..

Outline Design Conceptual Philosophy and Images

This was a full garden design for a client in Bristol, England with a second holiday home and holiday rental in Brittany, France.  The holiday Gite located near a small rural village called Guerlesquin in Finnistere was originally a cow shed and also comprised a large paddock which was converted to a productive orchard, and a small barn which was converted into a summer loggia.  The style of the garden design was traditional French formal, but descales in sympathy with the converted dwelling and with a Celtic influence in the form of a Triscale parterre located at the intersection of the two major design axis thus reflecting the Celtic heritage of Brittany and of the Welsh Owner.

Set in the rural French countryside the descaled formal French garden is composed of three principle spaces aligned along the main axis to the bridleway gate and woodland walk.  The cross axis are co-aligned to the three principle spaces of the dwelling: The kitchen to pool seating enclosure, the lounge and TV room to the central Triscale parterre, and the library to teh formal rose garden.  The co-axis from each of the gite vistas are terminated with a classic sculpture and a pool fountain enframed by romantic planting.  The long axis is terminated at each end by two additional sculptures and so the sequential journey around the garden is very strong.  Directly adjacent to the gite a long stone terrace provides ample space for outdoor living and entertaining. while the loggia conversion provides a very intimate covered seating space during the heat of summer.  At the peripheral edges the formal garden merges to meadow grass marrying the design to the existing rural and agricultural landscape for a harmonious aesthetic.

The garden by day……

The loggia and topiary walkway
The pool enclosure
Vista from inside the loggia
The Triscale parterre
The vista from the gite terrace
Dappled shade and trickling water makes the pool space magical environment
Strolling through the meadow walkway
Sculptural focal points drive the sequential journey
The meadow walkway opens out into mown grass glades
The Triscale parterre is central to the entire design
The topiary walkway reinforces and delineates the public transitional space to the bridleway
The Celtic Triscale Parterre looking across the wildflower meadow walkway
The hammerhead parking and turning space
The dining room terrace
The principle vista to teh bridleway gate
The stone terrace connecting all the gite rooms to the garden
The delightful ambiance of the pool enclosure and seating
Vista from the library

The garden by night…..

Night lighting creates delightful vistas from the gite – here from the library
The vista from the kitchen and dining room
Night lighting creates a much needed security in what would otherwise be a dark foreboding environment
The night-time vista in the formal garden is spectacular.
The flood lighting on the stone terrace extends the sense of security around the house.

LED’s highlight the sculptural elements of the Buxus topiary at night
The loggia at night
The pool seating area in night lighting
Classic sculpture forms the main vista from the loggia and at night lighting enhances the visual power of the piece
Low path lighting allows for strolling around the garden at night
Dynamic effects of light and shade on sculptural topiary at night
The use of blue LED’s on the key sculptures create illusions of greater space by psychologically extending distance
Multi-stem white barked Birch glow luminous under blue LED’s


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