Spanish Pool House Architectural & Garden Design: 2016

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Conceptual Philosophy and Images

Outside living in a hot and arid climate is the central concept for the design impetus of this activity and leisure complex to complement a large and exclusive Spanish villa.  The pool, the complex, the lighting, the interior decor and the planting were all designed in unison for a completely holistic and wonderfully aesthetic solution.  The strong Spanish styling and detailing, with the use of traditional materials together with uncompromised functionality create an unparalleled sense of place.  There are no windows with glass at all in the complex, all the arched windows are open diagonal small diametre lattice to allow constant airflow, to provide shade and a modicum of privacy.  There are lots of large windows to allow ample amounts of dappled natural light to enter from at least two or more directions and to totally remove the need for airconditioning.

Above is the view from the far end of the Swimming Pool Terrace towards the gymnasium with the five arched recesses.  The recesses are accessed by steps from inside the pool allowing bathers to sit in the cool of the water with overhead shade.  The recesses posses their own intimacy via the separation by the large terracotta urns and lush green planting.  Lighting settings allow for different moods and different reflections in the pool creating a most dynamic nighttime ambience.  The two towers are mirrored structures each have an upper floor.  The ground floor in each is a male and female changing room, showers and WC respectively.  At ground level in both towers the sill of the large windows is set above head head for private showers without enclosure and the encumbrance of humidity.  Above the female changing and showers is a communal jacuzzi and associated lounge.   Above the male showers and changing is the massage studio.

The view above and below show the dynamic changeable lighting and the subsequent reflections that embellish the whole scene at night.

Between the towers sits the open air leisure facilities: central is the lounge with the large open air kitchen and dining room and to the left the sauna suite.  Above the lounge is a small open air siesta bedroom.

The view along the lounge terrace to the pool by night..  Warm nighttime lighting in the leisure facilities softens the architecture to create a comfortable ambience accentuated by architectural plants.

The large pool terminates at the opposite end to the gymnasium with a semi-circular seating area beneath a cusp of shade giving palm trees.  The semi-circular part of the pool is shallows for non swimmers and babies.

Nighttime reflections.

Located on the crest of a hill along with the villa the entire complex is a spectacular focal point from the villa itself and the rest of the upper garden.

View from the girls changing room and showers along the open corridor to the male changing rooms and showers at the other end in the opposite tower.

Air movement has been a major consideration in the design of the entire complex.  Here louvered saloon doors provide adequate privacy while allowing maximum air movement and circulation to reduce humidity.

Two shower cubicles in the girls bathroom.

Spanish Pool House REV W 20023 - Copy

The jacuzzi suite and lounge.  Light and air can enter from twelve large open lattice windows and is drawn up the tower creating a circulation.  The effect of filtered sunlight though the lattice work is magical creating a cool and romantic environment.

Above the open air lounge a small open air siesta bedroom with pergola creates a wonderful place to relax after a swim, workout or game of tennis.

The siesta bedroom showing the shade effects of the pergola.  From here the lower garden and tennis court can be viewed.

The delightful nighttime ambience makes the open air lounge a great place to sit and take a cool drink or converse with friends. The semi-circular serving hatch to the kitchen allows food to be easily enjoyed in the lounge.  From here views across the pool to the exquisite detailing of the Spanish villa dominate.

The rear of the leisure complex at night.  The semi-circular steps lead down to the upper tennis court garden with the central dynamic water urn forming a beautiful focal point. The open air siesta bedroom can be seen above and the two doors below lead to additional male and female changing and bathrooms.  Each of the male and female bathrooms and changing rooms contain a small enclosed and private garden allowing private bathing in an open air environment.

Above and below the changing ambience of the large open air dining room and kitchen.

The kitchen is fully equipped for natural cooking methods and maximum flavour: traditional wood burning pizza oven, large traditional BBQ and wood burning stove for paella and other dishes.

The alfresco dining table is fundamental part of Mediterranean culture: a place where the family comes together and guests are entertained.  As with the rest of the complex the open frontage in conjunction with high level open lattice windows ensure air is naturally drawn from the space, this being especially important to the kitchen.

An open fire in the lounge and in the upper floor siesta bedroom takes the chill off the spring and autumn night extending the use of the complex to all-year-round.  The two upper open lattice windows seen above the doors draws air through the lounge and out through the open air siesta bedroom.  The two doors lead respectively to the male and female additional changing rooms, bathrooms and their associated private gardens.

One of the bathroom and changing room gardens by night.

The same garden by day.  The arched door leads to the tennis court via the semi-circular steps.

A different view of one of the open air bathroom gardens by night.  The perimeter wall is above head height for privacy.

Behind the two arched low level open lattice windows is a deep traditional bath tub allowing a unique bathing experience.

View across the bridge at dusk to the leisure complex and the upper tennis court garden. Night lighting embellishes the Spanish architecture.

The same view at night.

And by day.  The tennis court loggia which forms the major focal point from this direction provides another cool and shady seating area to sit and relax.

The nighttime view from the loggia towards the split vele tennis court pavilion across the bridge: a magnificent focal point in this part of the garden.

The daytime view to the tennis court pavilion showing its beautiful architecture with the upper tennis court garden in the foreground.

The stairwell access from the bridge to the service road and lower tennis court garden by day.

And by night.

Autosave_Spanish Pool House White Version REV 2F_1

Detail in the tennis court loggia at night.

Daytime view down the upper tennis court garden where the semi-circular tiled steps lead to the open air table tennis courtyard through a small orange grove and then back to the female changing room tower.

At night in the upper tennis court garden.

The open entrance foyer from the bridge into the upper tennis court pavilion.

Ever changing ambience in the pavillion foyer.

The tennis court pavilion with ample covered seating and small lounge bar.


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