Water Temple Folly Architectural & Garden Design: Portugal 2016

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Conceptual Notes

The brief was to design a sympathetic and exciting setting to display a collection of eight bronze nudes in an established woodland of a large private garden.  A glade was chosen and further ground modeled to enhance the existing character and to create a dynamic element of surprise.

The strong radial concept was based around the creation of a psychological nucleus: a classic styled water temple folly connoting the nudes as water nymphs polarizing to a central and source of bathing water.  The ground modelling and tree cover conceals the folly and the sculptures from view until one arrives in the locality where a powerful element of surprise is manifested.

The Setting by Day……

Hilly Project REV D 10002

Hilly Project REV D 20002

Hilly Project REV D 900022

The Setting by Night……

Hilly Project REV D 10004

Hilly Project REV D 10005

Hilly Project REV D 10007

Hilly Project REV D 10008

Hilly Project REV D 900033

Hilly Project REV D 20005


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