Exotic Moroccan Courtyard Architectural & Garden Design: Algarve, Portugal 2016

Watch the video for this design……….

Conceptual Notes

Baitul Ihsan is a luxury ‘palace like’ villa with classic ‘Moorish’ influence which draws heavily on the fundamental and formal principles of Islamic Gardens in the Moorish tradition of Portugal, however the ancient style has been sensitively fused with a cleaner, crisper more contemporary edge.  The villa centres around an exuberant formal courtyard.  The courtyard has been based on metaphorical symbols from the Koran and is the prime focus of the living spaces.

The garden has an immensely strong ‘sense of place’ embodied in: the bold use of colour and traditional tiling; the tranquillity of the lush predominantly green exotic vegetation; the sense of comfort connotated by blue hues  and practically augmented by the delightful sound of moving water beneath soothing dappled light and shade within a completely private and secure open air enclosure; carefully positioned mirrors capture infinity and connote the concept of eternal life.

The four rivers of life from the Qur’an are symbolised in typical Islamic tradition by four corner fountains in the peripheral rill that surrounds the courtyard    garden.  Moving water, dappled overhead shade from colonnaded pergolas and statuesque palm trees plus the predominant use of cool blue shades in the  facades and tiling all combine to create a cool inviting environment in the Algarve summer sun while reflecting the sentiments of garden paradise in the Qur’an.

As well as capturing the concept of infinity the mirrors create wonderful illusions of ‘portals’ to alternate dimensions and create the desirable deception of a greater space.  Although relatively small there is an inviting sequential journey around the colonnades and the formal paving affording new and ever changing vistas in the forth dimension of time.  Light is reflected in the pool surface and stainless sphere burble jet to be captured and projected around by mirrors.

Intimate lighting brings the garden courtyard into the villa at night enframed by large windows or viewed from the upper terraces, during  the day dappled light and shade create magical effects making the garden an absolute delight day or night.  Connected to the lounge, dining room, kitchen, library, gymnasium and jacuzzi this courtyard is the epitome of the extension to the living unit that encapsulates the concept defining domestic gardens as a ‘living’ room outside!

The courtyard by day………



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