Villa Malgaresh Sketch Design: Nice, 2007

Villa Malgaresh was an exclusive landscape design project for a private client in Nice, Cote d’Azur, France.  The site at acquisition was a green field terraced site with no vegetation in the curtilage other than grass.  The terraces were held back by stone walls in need of repair.  The dwelling was completely renovated from traditional provencal to contemporary.

Click the link below to go to Villa Malgaresh video and 3D modelling and rendering views……

Site functional analysis (above) for Villa Malgaresh sketch design proposals.

Above and below the outline conceptual sketch proposals

The conceptual solution retained and repaired the existing stone walls, but changed the terrace wall orientation at the pivot point of the site layout to create pleasing vistas. Initially the walls had no steps at all and one had to jump and climb the walls to descend and ascend the terraces.  To reduce costs allowing for other elements and yo create interest concrete steps were introduced with rendered walling and cladded step treaders.

There was a general move from formal asymmetric to informal in the design as one moved away from the villa and down the steep terraces, though formal vista enframement was a major consideration throughout the design.

The incorporation of a small ornamental potager, long training style swimming pool and xeriscape was a client wish.

Above sectional sketch elevations show the steep nature of the terraces and illustrate the great potential for privacy at each level along with the creation of dramatic vistas.

Above and below 10 sketch perspectives show the proposed character of the scheme and outline the dynamic sequential journey.

To get initial contractor costing the major details were worked up at the sketch design phase below……

Above details for the construction of the main ornamental pool and steel pergola at the major pivot point in the sequential journey.

Above and below details for the construction of the cantilever steps on the promontory at the pivot point.

Above also shows detail for timber lower cost steps at the bottom 2 terraces as an option.

Click the link below to go to the Villa Malgaresh video and 3D modelling and photorealistic rendering views……..


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