LandARCHConcepts ideology is characterised by a strong philosophy and commitment to the foundation principles of landscape design, while being driven by innovative and sympathetic responses to the cultural, environmental, sociological and psychological stimuli, which are inherent in any landscape project.

We believe that a successful landscape design……..

  1. is a unique marriage between: the advantages and limitations of the site with the client requirements, and is driven by the recognized principles of art and design composition, within the framework of a profound philosophy; and that it
  2. should create opportunities from constraints while fulfilling practical requirements in an aesthetic way; in its highest definition it is a functionally orientated work of four dimensional art;
  3. is a living biological entity that grows and matures through the fourth dimension of time and thus landscape management is an essential extension of the landscape design process;
  4. is mankind’s physical, subliminal and psychological link to planet earth and to the biological entity that sustains our physical existence by means of oxygen, water, food, clothing and shelter; while sustaining our sense of place and mental well-being through its intrinsic beauty and inherent aesthetic qualities;
  5. is our link to the temporal flow between past and future via the present – our entire existence takes place in the living landscape both directly and indirectly;
  6. requires the effective creation and preservation of a ‘sense of place’ which is the foundation stone of good landscape design and management and that in the absence of a perceptually readable ‘sense of place’ a landscape is incomplete and has failed in its mission.

LandARCHConcepts are committed to achieving the highest possible quality for completed projects and aim to ……..

  1. marry solutions to a clear understanding of construction costs, up to date construction techniques, advanced IT practices and quality management with an all-important emphasis on client requirements;
  2. guarantee to create a ‘client orientated’ landscape, but believe that this is not possible in the absence of a structured design process, which is essentially a two way iterative learning experience for both client and consultant;
  3. provide a suitable quality presentation package of information, which is essential to transpose the conceptual solution from the consultant as a medium of perception for the client; and such a package has to be tailored to be appropriate to the clients budget;
  4. create a ‘best fit’ design and management solution, which overcomes any site problems in an appropriate and cost-effective manner;
  5. ensure that all development enhances, maintains and restores environmental quality, ultimately believing that the quality of exterior spaces whether public landscapes or private gardens is the portal to an improved quality of life for all users;
  6. to create and maintain a strong ‘sense of place’ for all sites;
  7. pay careful attention to specifications and design detailing together with stringent quality management control throughout the project build phase, believing this is the means to creating landscapes of the highest quality at the lowest possible costs;
  8. utilise erudite knowledge, technical understanding, practical experience and artistic creativity to provide clients with value for money ;

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” Anatole France.


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