LandARCHConcepts can work with any third party professional or project team of the clients choice, but alternatively via our own highly qualified and experienced associates we can also offer a complete package regardless of scope……….

Architecture: Gabrielle is a UK based Brazilian architect of high caliber speaking Portuguese and English;

Lighting Design International: are one of the world’s leading international lighting design consultancies;

Soil Science and Landscape Engineering: Tim O’Hare  BSc MSc MISoilSci MBIAC CSci

Tim is the principal consultant of Tim O’Hare Associates, a leading Soil Science and Landscape Engineering practice. He has been a soil scientist for over 20 years, working predominantly in the commercial landscape, construction and sports agronomy sectors, and covering anything from domestic garden projects to colliery restoration schemes to major construction developments. The practice works throughout the UK and internationally (Europe, Middle East, Far East).

Particular areas of expertise include: soil survey and land evaluation, topsoil quality assessment, topsoil manufacture, soil specification, sports pitch agronomy, urban tree soils, tree pit design and habitat creation.

Surveying: Arpenteurs Geometre are exceptionally professional and rapid surveyors based in France.

Turfculture: Ian Norman Dip(IOG) is associated to the renowned Institute of Groundsmanship and is a seasoned international professional with many years experience specializing in high quality turfculture and sportsground creation and management.

Arboriculture: Padraig Mc Sweeny BSc. (Hons) Hort, Cert Arb.  Padraig is highly qualified consultant arboriculturist with many years experience.

Padraig converted an early passion for landscaping into an extensive career as a committed Tree Care Specialist.  He has a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of trees gained through working within the industry over the last 25years in Ireland, the UK and the USA.  He is experienced in all aspects of tree care from large scale commercial planting works to individual tree management and currently manages All Year Round Tree Care.

Ponds, Water Quality and Fish Management: Malcolm Green is the director of Koi Water

Gardens Ltd one of the UK’s leading international pond and Koi specialists established 15 years ago.

He has designed and installed many large and small ponds and consults regularly to many prestigious clients at home in the UK and overseas.  Malcolm’s expertise precedes this where he worked for many years in the UK water treatment industry and thus his knowledge of water quality and water chemistry is second to none.

He is associated to Evolution Aqua the innovative developers of the cutting edge Nexus water filtration system for ponds and natural swimming pools where he acts as an independent advisor.  Malcolm frequently travels to Japan to deal directly with the top koi breeders and imports koi of the finest quality.  He is also an expert on fish health and diseases.

Hydrology: Guillaume Tennivan is a highly experienced internationally recognised hydro-geologist

Specializing in groundwater movement.  Guillaume is based in France and is French and English speaking.

Plant Pathology: David Rose is one of the world’s most seasoned plant pathologists previously based at the Forest Research Centre Alice Holt Lodge in the UK.

David is now based in France, but has international experience specializing in tree pathology and is French and English speaking.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek


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