What is Landscape Design?

Professional landscape design can be considered as an analogy: it is like a musical composition or like writing a book.  Ultimately an effective landscape should take you on a emotional journey where your aesthetic senses are stimulated…..

The sequential journey is the STORY you wish to lell in the landscape. The philosophy of landscape design forms the PARAGRAPHS of the composition. The principles of design composition represent GRAMMAR in the landscape design. The principles of art and design are the VOCABULARY of landscape design and the elements of landscape design are the LETTERS.

Professional landscape design is a marriage between the capabilities and limitations of the site with the requirements of the client, within the framework of a profound philosophy according to the principles of art and design, with the aim of creating an emotionally stimulating, functional environment possessing meaning, and giving aesthetic pleasure via human sensory perception. Professional landscape design is not about elements per se, rather it has many interwoven and interrelated threads that coalesce in a dynamic sensory gestalt where the whole is far greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

Landscape and garden design is without question the greatest of all art forms, for no other art form embraces all the dimensions intrinsic to landscape design.  Just as a musical masterpiece is not created by an amateur musician, or a thrilling book is not written by a person lacking in linguistic skill and creativity so a masterpiece of landscape design is not realised except at the hands of an expert.

What is Landscape Management?

Landscape Management is not as many presume the day to day landscape maintenance per se, but is in fact the continuation of the landscape design process: the planning and organisation of landscape maintenance to realise the landscape design in the fourth dimension of time; it is the horticultural care of the living ‘soft’ elements of the landscape, and the nonliving ‘hard’ elements of the landscape to ensure that it continuously fulfils the designer aspirations: the functional and safe purpose of the space, the aesthetic appearance of the space, and the needs of the users of the space.

What is Landscape Reclamation?

Landscape reclamation is either a conversion of land from one use to another, ie from a gas board site to a park as in our award winning Chelmar Waterside proposal; or the reclamation of land from neglect, poor maintenance and bad management as in Somerton Randal; or from overuse as in our solution for Mount Bur.

What is Landscape Restoration and Preservation?

Landscape restoration and preservation seeks to return or maintain a landscape to a particular historic era or style.  A landscape through time invariably becomes a palimpsest where the end result is like a transparent overlay showing distinct traces of earlier eras or influences. Deciding where to hold or restore a landscape is more subjective than it first appears and valued judgements need to be made after much research to determine and ascertain historic value.

What is Landscape Conservation?

Landscape conservation is an ecological term referring to the preservation and protection of a particular biome from human or other detrimental factors.

“Landscape architecture is to make us know and remember who we are.” Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe .


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